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Here's a fantastic offer to take part in one of our latest books.  We're looking for 20 owner managers of businesses to join us in helping a very deserving charity. Teenage Cancer Trust! Teenage Cancer trust will receive 100% (one hundred percent) of the royalties from the retails sales once the book is published, and there will be lots of promotion and exposure for all participants in the book.

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Take Control of Your Media Strategies


Believe it or not - You Can Now Compete With The Big Brands

Now is the time for Small and Medium Businesses to start using the web effectively and compete against the Big Brands and Conglomerates like never before.

Recent issues with Big Brands and Large Companies over Customer Care and Product Failures have destroyed much of the automatic trust that these companies could command.

It's left the field open to challenges from smaller companies who do have the trust of their clients but its not there as a free gift.  You have to take it and make use of it or once more you will fall behind the pack.

Real Branding and Positioning - No Slight of Hand, No Smoke and Mirrors!   "Be the Go To Guy"


Yes, it's true.   with a little work contributing from you and lots of work behind the scenes from us you will very soon have the tools and evidence that puts you ahead of the rest.

Here's Proof

time-travellers-guide-to-haverthwaite-final-flat-1-9-16I published this my latest book on Kindle just over a week ago and it's a good read on the local history and how times change places.

Look back to the 1500's at local industry and labour the story moves forward through the centuries as how a small village in the Lake District which was once at the leading edge of technology can become a dormitory area for the larger towns which sprung up after the village.

Read how the UK Parliament had a number of commissions to address the way workers were treated and how overseers got away with murder.

The Book is available from Amazon at the links below.  It was number 1 in 2 categories and number 3 and a third within a few hours of going live.  It's still in the best sellers list.

 Buy from Amazon UK

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"David is such and all around great guy, it is hard to just focus on one aspect of his many talents. If you are seeking assistance for your Business to build authority and trust, David is there to assist you with the all around knowledge needed to get it done right the first time. I have seen him in action and seen the people he has assisted so I know that he is someone that you can trust to help your business stand out and be noticed."

Rebecca Holman

20th Oct 2016


What are People Saying About Our Agency's Successes?

The Educational Services Company

"Creating my radio interview with David was a tremendously important process for me and for my business.  It provided all the exposure that he’d promised but it also did much more than that.

David’s experience and skill as an interviewer helped me to think clearly about many aspects of my business.  The process of developing and expressing this clarity of thought and vision was enjoyable and not onerous and it’s been of great value in many ways.

I'd thoroughly recommend working with David to any business which is seeking to increase its media presence whilst being mentored by a great interviewer."

- Rebecca Hanson, Authentic Maths Ltd

The Cleaning Company Owner

“I own a cleaning company in Atlanta and the Positioning was one of the main reasons I bought into this Marketing System. I used the positioning from a focused article on “My Expertise in My Field of Operations” which meant I could put media logos on my site (As seen on).  

It Made a World of Difference. 

I saved at least $15,000 in advertising costs a year. Have not spent a penny on advertising in the last 2 years, and I’ve been able to Raise Prices and deal with only high end clients.” 

Atlanta Eco Cleaners. Link http://maidcleaningservicesatlanta.com


The Real Estate Agent

A Real Estate Agent in the USA was 3rd out of 4 agents in line to give a presentation for the contract to sell a Luxury Water Front Property.  Having taken up the Agency Offer to create and publish a Best Selling Author book on Amazon during his presentation he brought out the book and showed the prospective clients.

He finished his presentation and left.  As he drove away from the presentation he received a call saying the sellers had cancelled the 4th Presentation and indicated that he was the best equipped to sell their property and asked him to come back to sign them up for the task.

That's the difference Being a Published Author Can Make!


A Bricks and Mortar Business

Following an Interview a brick and mortar based service business with a low web profile were invited on to a local talk show received over 75 immediate phone calls requesting to do business with them.

The business owner was thrilled, saying "I've never had such easy conversations in my life with prospective clients.   Not one questioned my credentials or wanted more information on my company.

Following the interview and appearance on the radio his recorded interview was re-purposed and re-marketed in a number of ways and the client is still getting customers from his Appearance.


Be Seen, Be Recognized, Be Preferred

In A Few Short Weeks We Turn You Into A Celebrity & Recognized Expert in What You Do!

  • Be A Recognized Expert in Your Field

    People always feel safer when they are dealing with the “Best” – when you are ill you always want to know that the doctor knows and understands what is needed to put things right.  Well, it’s the same for everything else, think about it!

  • Be A Best Selling Author

    In over 20 years Having a Book Published has been and still is the Prime Way to Promote Yourself as and Expert in Your Field of Operations.   Imagine if You and Your Business partners had a Best Selling Book about how good you are at what you do.

  • Be Interviewed on a Radio Show

    Be on a Radio Show discussing your ideas and how you solve problems for customers.   How many of your competitors are doing this?   I bet it’s roughly – None!  Wouldn’t that put you above them in the pecking order for new clients?

  • Have Your Article Published in Business Innovators Magazine

    A regular article keeps you ahead of the pack and confirms your status as an Expert and Celebrity in Your Field of Operations.   With this and all the other aspects of our Marketing & Positioning Program you can’t help but stand out from the crowd.


  • Media Coverage = More Customers - Be Seen and Win
    Media Coverage = More Customers - Be Seen and Win

    An Article by David Birchall outlining how small and medium businesses can compete with the Big Brands. It's easier than you think and Dave walks you through why it works then gives you the opportunity of joining the next program.

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